2017 Unity Cup


This Saturday the UTS Shamrocks will host the fourth installment of Unity Cup. Unity Cup is an annual fixture played between the Shamrocks and Auburn Giants to celebrate the cultural diversity of the women who play AFL. The Cup was first contested in 2013 between the two clubs who have traditionally comprised and represented the interests of multicultural Sydney.

The Shamrocks took home the trophy in the first two years. The last time Unity Cup was played, at Spotless Stadium in a curtain raiser match for the GWS Giants in 2015, it was won by the Giants. Last year they were promoted to Premier Division which meant that the Cup was uncontested. In 2017 both clubs are playing in the XBlades AFL Sydney Women’s Premier Division with the Shamrocks’ promotion this year and it is expected to be a high quality display of women’s football. The Round 3 clash between East and West kicks off at 12pm, Trumper Park, Paddington.