Women’s Premier Division MOTW: Bombers explode

Written by Madison La Pira

UTS AFC Bats vs. Sydney University Bombers – Mahoney Park on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

The Sydney University Bombers have continued their dream streak this 2019 season after a comprehensive win against the UTS AFC Bats.

From the first siren, the Bombers looked set for a dominant day, though a few errors prevented them from bagging a goal until midway through the first quarter.

The Bombers played steadily for the rest of the first half but took off in the third term where they notched up a total of 32 points.

Unfortunately for the Bats, it remained the Bombers’ day throughout the remainder of the game, as they cruised to the final siren.

A strong performance from Bomber, Maryanne Harley saw her take home another best on ground performance, making it her second BOG out of three matches.

Amy Foo’s four goals places her tied for second in the race for this season’s leading goal kicker. East Coast’s Rylee McGartland kicked a bag of goals against Inner West to claim top spot on the goal scorers list after Round 3.

The Bats were unable to put themselves on the scoreboard throughout the match. Despite this, Samantha Goldrick played well in only her second game for the Bats, as did Constance White whose efforts down back prevented the scoreline being much higher than it was.

After an average 2018 season, this win has established the Bombers as a threat to their competitors as they remain one of two undefeated teams in the competition.

The Bombers have kept their position at the top of the table but are tied for points with the East Coast Eagles. The two will play off next week, setting up a tantalising top of the table clash to see who will reign supreme in Round 4.

Match Results

UTS AFC Bats vs Sydney University Bombers

Bats – 0.0.0

Bombers – 15.10.100

Bats Best – S. Goldrick, C. White, J. Zouch, J. White, F. Hickey, P. Bernasconi

Bombers Best – M. Harley, A. Foo, R. Kenny, P. Clegg, L. Stephenson, A. Roditis

Bombers Goals – A. Foo (4), R. Stack (3), S. Gillon (2), T. Von Arnim (2), A. Roditis, E. Doyle, R. Bowen

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