Women’s Premier Division Match of the Round Review – UNSW-ES Bulldogs vs North Shore Bombers


In another quality encounter at Henson Park in round four it was the undefeated Bulldogs hosting the 2-1 Bombers, having their only loss to a Southern Power (who themselves are a team to reckoned with in 2021). The lights at Henson were on and with both teams seeking an important win to consolidate their position in the top 5 it was going to be a brilliant match up. In a match which was largely even around the ground, it was the Bombers who took their chances and consistently won the big moments and claimed the win.


After an even start in which North Shore showed great skills and a willingness to short pass and to control the footy it was the Bulldogs who scored the first goal of the day after a long kick into the Bulldogs forward-50 by Maddy Hendrie was marked by Casidhe Simmons who stepped up and kicked truly from 40 metres out.

In a tight quarter of Premier Division footy, Hendrie was dominate in the ruck for the Bulldogs with support from Sera Kaukiono and Gabrielle Wendelin around the ground, while Lauren Houghton and Dominique Carruthers playing strong footy for the Bombers around the ground.

At quarter time it was UNSW-ES Bulldogs 1.1.7 to North Shore Bombers 0.1.1


The second term begun much as the first had finished with both teams competing hard around the contest, but the match largely played between the arcs. North Shore had begun to get on top around the ground with Carruthers and Monica Masaoka playing key roles for the Bombers. After a magnificent smoother by Lucy Krimmer, who both smoothered and collected the ball in one motion before finding the leading Sema Ismen. Ismen in turn found Hayley Fell just inside the forward arc, who following a 50m penalty Fell converted the Bombers first of the day, and when Alyce Keating goaled a few minutes later the Bombers had some breathing room.

At half time it was UNSW-ES Bulldogs 1.3.9 to North Shore Bombers 2.1.13.


As the teams emerged from the tunnel and back on Henson Park, the lights had taken full effect and the game was up for grabs. However, as quick as the quarter had started the Bombers had another goal. In a set play which has no doubt been practiced at Gore Hill many a training night Kate Reynolds elevated over Hendrie in the ruck contest and found Carruthers in full stride who put on a wicked step before following up her own kick and receiving a high contact free kick inside the 50 metre arc. Carruthers put the ball to the top of the goal square – enter Matilda Eder who gathered and like lightning threw the ball on her boot and the Bombers had their third goal.

Following the Eder goal, the play once again evened out, however, as was the case all match the Bombers took their chances and at the 6-minute mark Isadora Mcleay who was compiling a solid game kicked her first and the Bombers where well clear in a low scoring game. At Three quarter time it was UNSW-ES Bulldogs 1.3.9 to North Shore Bombers 4.3.27


The fourth quarter commenced with Isadora Mcleay winning the ruck contest and after a series of handballs Alyce Keating kicked the ball forward where Pheobe Gray marked strongly. Gray moved the ball on quickly and found Reynolds at the top of the square, who despite dropping the mark was collected high. She made no mistake with the kick, the Bombers has their fifth goal which would turn out to be the final goal of the match. Despite her team being beaten, Maddy Hendrie was exceptional all day, she was well supported by Rebecca Mount and Sera Kaukiono. For the Bombers Dominique Carruthers was clearly best on ground along with great contributions from Lauren Houghton and Georgia Walker.  The final score was UNSW-ES Bulldogs 1.3.9 to North Shore Bombers 5.3.33.



Goal Kickers: C. Simmons
Best Players: M. Hendrie, R. Mount, S. Kaukiono, S. Phillips, G. Wendelin, C. Simmons


Goal Kickers: M. Eder, K. Reynolds, A. Keating, H. Fell, I. Mcleay
Best Players: D. Carruthers, G. Walker, M. Masaoka, P. Gray, K. Reynolds, L. Houghton



UTS-AFC Bats vs. Inner West Magpies – Trumper Park 12:50pm Saturday May 8


Photo: Merille Redden