Men’s Premier Division Match of the Round Review – Sydney University vs. Pennant Hills Demons

Written By Lucas Holmes



Sydney University comes into round 7 after a strong 67-point win over Manly Warringah. Whilst for Pennant Hills Demons they fell to the ladder leading North Shore Bombers in last week’s match of the round.

Sydney University’s pressure around the contest was the driving force behind their big win. To the Demons credit, they continued to work hard around the ground and took the game on through the corridor.


First quarter

The Demons were the first side on the scoreboard with less than two minutes on the clock. Wilson Mudge intercepted a handball from a stoppage inside the forward 50 for Pennant Hills. Mudge broke through the traffic, straightened and kicked truly.

Sydney University also had an early chance. Luke Skrivanic tried a short kick back into the middle of the defensive 50. However, he showed too much of the ball to Allister Clarke who got a hand to it. Although the quick snap at goal registered a minor score.

It took until the 10-minute mark for University to kick their first goal of the afternoon. Theo Moraitis slipped as he attempted to mark a Pennant Hills kick out which allowed Aaron Day to intercept mark just inside the forward 50. Day ran on the arc to give himself a few extra metres and Sydney University had their first.

Day’s goal was followed by goals to Samuel Bennett, Izaac Hughes and Michael Nettheim to round out the first quarter.

Quarter time Sydney University 4.5.29 Pennant Hills Demons 1.1.7.


Second quarter

Pennant Hills had another opportunity early in the second quarter Maine Vidler roved the boundary throw and sent the ball to the hotspot. However, a leaping intercept mark from Spencer Krochmal put an end to that chance.

Sydney University’s defensive pressure was a feature of their game in the opening stages of the second quarter. This pressure led to University’s first of the second term. Playing in a zone defence from a Demons kick out, Cooper Searle swooped in from the side of the marking contest straightened and kicked a running goal.

Searle made it two goals in under 90 seconds, Lewis Stephenson won a free kick for a hold after a dominant tap from Marcus Valastro. Stephenson drove the ball deep into the forward pocket where Searle was waiting in the goal square after two forward handballs.

Austin Lucy kicked the other two University goals and opened up a 50 point lead at the main break.

Half time Sydney University 8.10.58 Pennant Hills Demons 1.2.8.


Third quarter

Pennant Hills had the first opportunity to hit the scoreboard in the third quarter. From the first bounce, Mudge got a quick kick inside the forward 50. Ben Matthews was in front and marked. Although his set shot fell short.   

Lucy added to his goal tally at the four-minute mark. The Demons attempted to switch the ball from one side of the defensive 50 to the other. Lucy was there to intercept and kicked the easy set shot.

The following centre bounce saw Stephenson held off the football, the long penetrating kick found Hughes on the lead. Hughes went back and kicked his second goal from 40 metres out on a slight angle.

University went on to kick seven goals in the third term. Pennant Hills was able to get their second late, Matthew Brown from centre halfback found a teammate in the middle of the ground. A quick handball to Matthew Vile opened up the University defence, Vile kicked long as Bryce Heazlewood ran into space and kicked off the ground inside the goal square.

Three quarter time Sydney University 15.6.106 Pennant Hills Demons 2.4.16.


Fourth quarter

Pennant Hills made it consecutive goals to start the fourth quarter. Mudge did well to intercept a handball inside the Demons forward 50, Mudge received a short handball from Vile and sent the ball to the hotspot. Charlie Allison made a strong tackle and kicked the set shot from 40 metres.

Nettheim kicked University’s first goal of the final term. Kyle Underwood intercepted a kick as the Demons exited their defensive 50. Underwood smartly delayed a wide handball to Nettheim who from a standing start kicked his third.

Angus Cutbill rounded out the scoring late in the quarter to give Sydney University a 98-point win.

Full time Sydney University 17.22.124 Pennant Hills Demons 3.8.26.


For Sydney University Marcus Valastro battled with Charlie Allison all afternoon and Samuel Bennett was the best player on the ground. For Pennant Hills Wilson Mudge and Allison were serviceable with Connor Matthews one of the better players on the ground.


Sydney University 17.22.124

Goal kickers: A. Lucy 3, M. Nettheim 3, C. Searle 2, I. Hughes 2, S. Bennett, H. Whitaker, A. Day, N. Foster, A. Clarke, A. Cutbill, M. Vicic

Best:  S. Bennett, A. Day, L. Stevenson, M. Nettheim, S. Fong, H. Whitaker

Pennant Hills Demons 3.8.26

Goal kickers: B. Heazlewood, C. Allison, W. Mudge

Best: L. Skrivanic, W. Mudge, C. Matthews, B. Hunt


Premier Division Men’s – Match of the Round next week; 

Manly Warringah Wolves vs. St. George Dragons – 2:30pm Weldon Oval, Curl Curl.


Photo by Merrillie Redden