AFL Sydney Women’s Rising Star – Round Ten Nominee

In just her first year of AFL, Ruby Harrison has already proven she has what it takes playing her 2nd Premier Division game on the weekend. This week’s Women’s Rising Star nominee is to be know for her pace and fitness around the ground coming from a Touch Football background. With skills that translate perfectly to AFL, Ruby has gone from strength to strength in each game she plays, with a strong willingness to win the footy. She has taken this opportunity with two hands and shown what it takes to play at this level, never looking back, earning herself a name in the best 6 in her teams win against North Shore in Round 10.

Learn more about this week’s Women’s Rising Star Nominee:

Player Profile

Name: Ruby Harrison

Nickname: Rubs

AFL Sydney Club: UTS AFC

Position: Wing

Junior Club: N/A

Favourite activity to do outside of football: 


What is one thing that we don’t know about this Rising Star that they are well known for around the club?   

Ruby has a twin sister

What role do they play for the club both on and off the field?   

Ruby’s first year for the club and first year of playing AFL. Ruby helps with game day duties- such as canteen work, running water. On field- Ruby is very effective with her pace and fitness which is from her touch football background. She is a great team player with a great game awareness and always looking to improve her skills at training.

The night before the game what will they most likely be doing?  

Typically relaxing and watching some good tv.

Do they have any pre-game superstitions?   

She makes sure to take a couple of good marks during pre game/warm up to help her get in the groove and game ready.

Nomination Details

Reason for nomination this round: 

Playing her second Premier division game. Ruby showcased skills and game awareness that is very exceptional for a player playing their first year of AFL. Gathered plenty of possessions with effective ball movement which also played an important role in the UTS win over North Shore in Round 10.

Coach quote on Performance:

“Ruby has gone strength to strength each game she’s played this season. Starting off with the Division One team, she worked her way up the ranks and earned a Premier division debut back in round 9. From her first game with prems, she quickly showed that she has what it takes to handle the level and hasn’t taken a backward step. Her round 10 game was fantastic and was in the best 6 for her performance. There’s no doubt that she will be a damaging player in the Premier division and expect her to provide her great runs and willingness to win the footy on a weekly basis.”

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