Pocket Profile – Nigel Blow (Coach, Pennant Hills Demons)

Get to know Pennant Hills Division Three Coach, Nigel Blow!

Name: Nigel Blow
AFL Sydney Club: Pennant Hills
Grade Coached: Men’s Div 3
How long have you been coaching for?
3 years
What drove you to become a coach?
I love our club and what it stands for, and I wanted to contribute to the club in a way which connects people and develops our club for the future.
Favourite AFL Sydney coaching moment, why?
Whenever one of my players achieves something on the field which he has worked on, and he executes that skill to the best of his ability, that is very satisfying for me.
Is there an AFL Coach you model your coaching style off? If yes, why?
Probably Alistair Clarkson. His wholistic approach to the game, how he works with individuals and the values he tries to portray I find interesting. Also the way he studies other sports and is constantly evolving is something I admire.
Do you have any pre-game coaching superstitions/ routines?
No superstitions, but I always try to greet each player individually before a game.
What is one piece of advice you would give to young, up and coming coaches?
Coach to your values. If you try to replicate another coach and use their values, your players will see through you and will not be 100% engaged in what you’re trying to achieve. Also, watch other sports and learn from them. You will increase the value of the discussions you have with your players on and off the field.
Player most likely to:
Turn up late Zac Baglin
First on the Massage Table Chris Baglin
Forget their boots Josh Ward
Kick into the man on the mark Matt Cassidy
Play on from a set shot directly in front Ethan Beard
Attempt a miracle goal instead of kicking to the top of the goal square Pat Hull
Become a coach Nick Baglin
Who is the biggest character in your team? Sam Arellano
Who is your tip for the 2021 AFL Premiership and to win the Brownlow?
Geelong for the flag, and Marcus Bontempelli
What are you missing most about footy during lockdown?
Seeing my boys and all that they bring to my week!
What TV show is getting you through lockdown?
The StartUp and every sport known to mankind!
Interests outside of footy?
My family and spending time with them.
Usual coffee order?
Latte with 1 sugar thanks.
What does this coach bring to your club?
 Our club could not wish for a better Division 3 coach. Nigel is supportive, funny and also a teacher of players new to the game. Nigel, as coach, approaches every game with a view to win, but also a balanced view if the team does not.
Quote from a player about this coach:
“Niges favourite pre game note: Blue shorts, red socks, black boots and bring a smile. With an attitude like that you can really see why the whole club loves having him around”
How can people get involved with coaching at your club?
With 11 teams there are lots of opportunities to join the clubs coaching ranks, this could be as a team coach or as an assistant while you learn the ropes. We have a well-resourced coaching development program, contact football@phafl.com.au if you would like to discuss coaching opportunities.


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