Pocket Profile- Derek Waters (Coach, South West Sydney Magpies)

Get to know South West Sydney Magpies Platinum Division Coach, Derek Waters!

Name: Derek Waters
AFL Sydney Club: South West Sydney Magpies
Grade Coached: Platinum Division
How long have you been coaching for?
16 Years, Last 2 years at South West Sydney Magpies
What drove you to become a coach?
My love of the Game- try and give back to the game
Favourite AFL Sydney coaching moment, why?
2014 Under 19’s Flag special bond with the group. Anzac Round this Year V Balmain with a young group of players won a hard game of footy against a good Team.
Is there an AFL Coach you model your coaching style off? If yes, why?
None really
Do you have any pre-game coaching superstitions/ routines?
Bacon And Egg Roll. Make sure I am ready and stay positive
What is one piece of advice you would give to young, up and coming coaches?
Try to remain calm and focused and plan your training and game day, try not to listen to the outside noise. Everyone’s an expert but they won’t put their hand up to coach.
Player most likely to:
Turn up late Dart
First on the Massage Table Ryan Forrester
Forget their boots Michael Fowler
Kick into the man on the mark Josh Purcell
Play on from a set shot directly in front Phil Spratt
Attempt a miracle goal instead of kicking to the top of the goal square Blake Jarvis
Become a coach Brendan Jones
Who is the biggest character in your team? Luke Culhane
Who is your tip for the 2021 AFL Premiership and to win the Brownlow?
Geelong and Ollie Wines
What are you missing most about footy during lockdown?
Everything about footy, Players, Banter, Games, Training. The excuses on why they can’t train
What TV show is getting you through lockdown?
At the moment, NCIS
Interests outside of footy?
Listen to music, Riding my Mountain Bike.
Usual coffee order?
Don’t drink Coffee
What does this coach bring to your club?
Derek brings great passion to improving our skill development especially under fatigue. Has brought a lot of structure into how we move the ball and how we want to set up in different parts of the ground. He does his homework each week on how the opposition will play and who we need to shut down. Really looking forward to stepping up another level next year with his leadership on a very young team.
Quote from a player about this coach:
He has drilled this into the boys this year “They’ve got it, we’ve got it and its in dispute”.
How can people get involved with coaching at your club?
Check out the clubs Social media pages to get involved!


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