Pocket Profile- Dylan Elijah Abdurahman (Player, Sydney University)

Get to know Sydney University Men’s Player, Dylan Elijah Abdurahman!

Name: Dylan Elijah Abdurahman
Nickname: Dyl x
AFL Sydney Club: Sydney Uni
Junior Club: Newtown Swans
Position/s: Midfielder
Playing Number: 48 haha
Usual Grade: Prems/prems reserves
First season of AFL Sydney footy: 2018
Why did you start playing footy?
It’s the best sport in the world, let alone Australia
What is your most memorable AFL Sydney moment?
My first prems game at North Shore probably
What is the best part about playing at your current club?
The culture amongst the playing group across every level. Yes, I know it’s corny.
Do you have any pre-game superstitions or routines?
If I told you that, I’d have to kill you (have this post removed)
What is the best advice you have received as a player and from who?
“Use your bum to protect your body” – Coaching staff. It’s saved my thighs from so many corks
Who has the best kick at the club?
Lewis Stevenson, and it really isn’t close
What is one AFL rule you would change and why?
This is controversial but I like where the game is at right now
What are you missing most about footy during lockdown?
Being competitive and physical. I can only tackle mum and my dogs so many times
Interests outside of football?
Psychology, Philosophy and Calculus all peak my interests quite hard. And Basketball
Which teammate is most likely to:
Turn up late Riley Holmes
Be on the massage table James Scutella’s groins
Forget their boots Riley Holmes again haha
Suck up to the coach … who could that be…
Appear on the next season of Australian Survivor Jack Dimery. He’s used to the limelight
Who is your tip to win the 2021 AFL Premiership & Brownlow Medal?
Swans (touch wood) and Sam Walsh (touch wood again)
Who would you like to see as the Pre-Game entertainment for the 2021 AFL Grand Final?
Led Zeppelin, but we can’t all have what we want
What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
An even redder 2003 Toyota Celica
First place you want to visit after travel restrictions lift?
Literally anywhere in Africa, the Pacific Islands or Asia. At this point, I have no preference
What is the one superpower you wish you had and why?
Having the ability to change my stats like you can in Fifa, except with all aspects of life. 99 everything
Apple Music or Spotify?
Spotify. Silly question
Pineapple on Pizza. Yes/ No?
God no
Usual coffee order?
“Hey, can I please have a double shot, long black with heaps of ice?”
What is this player know for at your club? 
Dylan is known as being for being an extremely hard working playing, always putting in the extra effort and always eager to become the best he can be. (In his words also, he is a bit of a legend!)
How can people get involved with playing at your club? 
SUANFC welcomes players of all abilities and experience- all you need to do is come on down to a training session and give it a go! Visit our website (www.suanfc.com) or send an email to afl@sport.usyd.edu.au for more information


To get involved in the club, head to their website or check out their page on Instagram or Facebook!

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