Pocket Profile- Michael Lambert (Coach, East Coast Eagles)

Get to know East Coast Eagles Men’s Division Two Coach, Michael Lambert!

Name: Michael Lambert
AFL Sydney Club: East Coast Eagles
Grade Coached: Men’s Division 2
How long have you been coaching for?
4 years
What drove you to become a coach?
The opportunity to be involved in community football and to develop a team
Favourite AFL Sydney coaching moment, why?
This year finishing 2nd before COVID stopped the season and the progression of the team’s journey from last place 4 years ago to top 2 this year
Is there an AFL Coach you model your coaching style off? If yes, why?
Not really, I like coaches that empower the players and build a team and club first culture
Do you have any pre-game coaching superstitions/ routines?
Need to have had a coffee and on time
What is one piece of advice you would give to young, up and coming coaches?
Be yourself don’t try and replicate someone else
Player most likely to:
Turn up late Tim Physick
First on the Massage Table Ben Foxall
Forget their boots Too many to mention
Kick into the man on the mark Ben Bridie
Play on from a set shot directly in front Lachie Fisher
Attempt a miracle goal instead of kicking to the top of the goal square Jake Mindham
Become a coach Anthony Bortoli
Who is the biggest character in your team? Ryan Kenny
Who is your tip for the 2021 AFL Premiership and to win the Brownlow?
Ollie Wines
What are you missing most about footy during lockdown?
The social connection, banter and mateship
What TV show is getting you through lockdown?
Peaky Blinders – On the Couch
Interests outside of footy?
Family, Fitness, Bike riding
Usual coffee order?
Large cappuccino
What does this coach bring to your club?
Lambo, as he is known, has been an inspiration in developing our Div 2 boys both on the field and as a foundation of support in our Club. He has developed a hunger for the competition and the need to work together as a team. This saw the boys build into strong and united team and this year had lockdown not happened, we believe the finals were in reach. Off the field Lambo epitomises the culture of the Eagles, he and the team are there to help set up work in the canteen and on the BBQ, many stay to sit in the Eagles nest and support the other games and some even remain till the end to help pack up. We hope that he remains to lead our boys for many more seasons to come.
Quote from a player about this coach:
“Lambo has got an eye for potential, and knows how to get the best out of his team. He can crack the whip when it’s needed but after the game can just chill out and be one of the boys.”
How can people get involved with coaching at your club?
Just ask! Our Club has always been about development. Development of juniors to seniors, those interested in coaching to being developed to coach.


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