Women’s Premier Division Match of the Round Review – Inner West Magpies v Pennant Hills Demons

Written by Lucas Holmes


Inner West overcame a challenge from the UNSW-ES Bulldogs in round 2 and was victorious by eight points. Whilst Pennant Hills defeated Macquarie University by 27 points.


First quarter

Despite the heavy conditions at Picken Oval, it was an open start to the game. With most of the play in the Magpies’ forward half.

Although it was the Demons who struck first.

Following an act of ill-discipline by Inner West, Pennant Hills was awarded a 50-metre free-kick. Tayla Duguid was the beneficiary and kicked the opening goal of the match from the Demons’ first forward 50 entry.

It didn’t take long for the Magpies to answer back. A free kick for incorrect disposal was paid as Sarah Tutt had no trouble with the distance from 30 metres out.

The Magpies made it two goals in quick succession.

Following a kick out, Erin Lorenzini after she fended off two defenders and sent a low kick inside the forward 50. Ella Heads’ second effort sent the ball to the hotspot. Jasmine Smith roved and kicked on the turn from 20 metres out.

A counter-attacking goal from Alexandra Wade and a sharp finish from Eleri Morris rounded out an entertaining first quarter.

Quarter time Inner West Magpies 3.3.21 Pennant Hills Demons 2.0.12.  


Second quarter

Sheerin would’ve added to the goal tally early in the second quarter if not for a crucial touch off the boot from the Pennant Hills defence.

However, Sheerin couldn’t be stopped minutes later.

Lael Kassem followed up her deep entry inside the forward 50 and fired a handball to Lorenzini. Lorenzini smartly delayed her handball giving Sheerin an extra step to straighten onto her left side and finished on the run.

The Demons almost capitalised from another counter-attacking move. Although Eliza Harvey was cruelled by the bounce of the ball on the goal line.

Pennant Hills’ third goal of the day came through yet another counterattack.

Kaitlin Quinlan rebounded off the half-back flank. Madison Hare roved on the attacking side of the centre square and her sweeping handball was met in stride by Duguid. Running back towards goal, Alexandra Wade marked just out of the goal square. Wade’s shot snuck just inside the goal post to halt the Magpies’ momentum.

Sheerin’s second goal came just before the halftime siren.

Half time Inner West Magpies 5.5.35 Pennant Hills Demons 3.0.18.


Third quarter

Like the first term, Inner West had the ball hemmed in their forward 50. On this occasion, it didn’t take them long to strike the first blow.

Kassem’s sweeping handball was chipped inside the forward 50. A handball was squeezed out to McDonnell who snapped around her body. The ball was unselfishly allowed to bounce through.

Sheerin kicked her third soon after.

From a ball up 25 metres directly in front of the Magpies’ attacking goal, Demons defender Eleanor Rugg had the initial clearance. Sheerin swopped on the loose ball and outran two defenders before she steadied and finished on the run.

The Demons had another opportunity over the back of the Inner West defence. Elly Rudd’s angled kick to Brianna-Lee Wade opened the centre corridor. Wade wasted no time and kicked into an open forward 50. However, Elly Jenkins quickly recovered as the Magpies’ defence flooded back.

On this occasion, it was Inner Wests’ turn to counterattack.

Eloise Carey rebounded of half back to the centre wing. After the initial entry was cleared by the Demons. Carey who followed the play, found Tutt 30 metres out from goal. Tutt’s thumping left foot just had the required journey for her second goal.

A late end-to-end goal was finished by Gillian Behan to give the Magpies a comfortable 39-point margin at three-quarter time.

Three quarter time Inner West Magpies 9.5.59 Pennant Hills Demons 3.2.20.


Fourth quarter

Gillian Behan’s second goal came less than a minute into the final term.

Sheerin burst out of the front of the stoppage and delivered to Eleri Morris who couldn’t take the mark. However, Morris continued her hunt for the football which ended in a kick to space in the forward pocket. Behan cleverly kept the ball in before evading an opponent and finished from a tight angle.

Morris added her second from point-blank range after being dragged out in a marking contest.

Darwall made it three goals in the opening seven minutes of the quarter.

The ball spilled out after Sheerin laid a strong tackle. Darwall who remained patient, split the pack of players and finished from inside the goal square and opened up a 58-point margin.

A late Inner West goal ended what was a dominant display for the Magpies despite both sides being victorious in their opening two matches.

Full time Inner West Magpies 13.8.86 Pennant Hills Demons 3.2.20.


There was little doubt that Eilish Sheerin was the best player on the ground for Inner West as she excelled inside the forward 50 before moving into the middle of the ground later in the contest. Erin Lorenzini’s composure couldn’t be underestimated. Whilst Jasmine Smith continued her strong start to the season.

For Pennant Hills, Tayla Duguid was impactful, particularly in the first half. Hayley Lowe was solid in defence and Madison Hare did well to combat the Magpies’ ruck tandem.


Inner West Magpies 13.8.86

Goal kickers: E. Sheerin 3, J. Smith 2, E. Morris 2, G. Behan 2, S. Tutt 2, D. Darwall, G. McDonnell.

Best: E. Sheerin, E. Lorenzini, E. Morris, G. McDonnell, E. Jenkins, J. Smith


Pennant Hills Demons 3.2.20

Goal kickers: A. Wade 2, T. Duguid

Best: A. Wade, E. Rugg, K, Quinlan, E. Harvey, M. Brown, A, Maguire