Men’s Premier Division Match of the Round Review – Manly Warringah Wolves v UTS AFC

Written by Lucas Holmes


Manly Warringah was defeated by the UNSW-ES Bulldogs by 67 points in round 4. UTS fell to Pennant Hills by 23 points.


First quarter

It was a very congested start to this contest as there were several ball ups in the opening minutes.

As both sides settled after a tight opening period, both showed their willingness to spread the ball by foot in the defensive 50s.

After 11 minutes had elapsed in the opening term, the Bats had the first goal of the afternoon.

A free kick at centre half-forward was awarded to Patrick Gillingham. He quickly handballed to Joshua Lee who ran off the back of the centre square. His shot on goal didn’t quite have the distance but was marked on the goal line by Adrian Karatzas who kicked from point-blank range.

The Wolves almost answered back straight away from a stoppage inside the forward 50. The quick snap at goal was pulled to the near side for a minor score.

Quarter time Manly Warringah Wolves 0.2.2 UTS Bats 1.1.7.


Second quarter

It was yet another tight opening to the second term. Play started to open as the midway point of the quarter approached, but both defensive units held firm.

Manly Warringah had their first goal with just over 10 minutes elapsed time.

From a ball up between half back and the centre wing, Alexander Jacobs did extremely well to mark a low Kieran Le Jeune pass. Jacobs spun and his short pass located James Lugsdin at centre half-forward.

Lugsdin’s kick deep inside the forward 50 found the turf. Instead of taking full possession, Anthony Robertson smartly tapped the ball to Kale Gabila. He snapped across his body off a step and snuck the ball inside the right goal post.

The Bats hit back straight away through Billy Kanakis, who was held out of a stoppage inside the forward 50.

UTS had two consecutive goals soon after as a long set shot on the angle was converted.

The Wolves added two consecutive goals of their own to round out the first half.

Thomas Trevaskis curled one home from close range before Gabila added his second on the half time siren.

Half time Manly Warringah Wolves 3.3.21 UTS Bats 3.3.21.  


Third quarter

As the players emerged to begin the second half, it took less than a minute for Manly Warringah to break the deadlock.

The centre clearance was chipped inside the Wolves’ forward 50. Ky McGrath who led out of the goal square collected the football in stride turned onto his non-preferred left and snapped the ball across his body. For the first time in the match, Manly Warringah was in front.

After some early third term dominance from the Wolves, UTS slowly turned the momentum in their favour.

After a Wolves turnover on the half-forward flank, the Bats swept the ball to the outer side which ultimately ended up with Kanakis on the far half-forward flank. His short pass found Mitchell Sciberras who from just inside the forward 50 put the Bats back in front.

Harrison Dyson added his first for the afternoon soon after from close range. Before Kanakis added his second from a tight angle.

Jack Field had an opportunity from a long set shot to slow the Bats’ charge, he narrowly pulled his shot to the left.

Three quarter time Manly Warringah Wolves 4.4.28 UTS Bats 6.6.42.


Fourth quarter

Both sides didn’t give an inch to begin the fourth quarter as the first goal may prove crucial to the outcome.

After UTS added a couple of minor scores in the opening 8 minutes of the term, Kanakis had the first goal of the quarter (his third) just before 12 minutes of elapsed time.

From a boundary throw-in deep inside the forward 50, Kanakis was blocked at the stoppage for the second time and converted his short set shot.

The Wolves could’ve easily dropped their heads after the Bats’ goal. This wasn’t the case.

No more than two minutes later McGrath had his second.

McGrath was rewarded a free-kick after he applied yet another strong tackle and went back and kicked the set shot from 45 metres out, directly in front.

Field kicked his first for the afternoon after an unselfish handball from Robertson and Field waltzed into an open goal. The Bats’ lead was cut to 11 points.

Jacobs made it three goals in quick succession as his set shot sailed through at goal post height. The Wolves were within one straight kick.

Barry-Murphy woke the Bats out of their slumber as he kicked their second goal after 20 minutes in the fourth quarter.

Joshua Kimpton kicked his first from a free kick deep inside the forward 50 before Gillingham added the tenth goal on the full-time siren.

Full time Manly Warringah Wolves 7.4.46 UTS Bats 10.11.71.


Ky McGrath added a physical element around the contest before he spent time in the forward line in the second half. James Lugsdin had plenty of the football for the home side whilst Damien Haynes provided run and carry out of defence.

Billy Kanakis was instrumental around the stoppages for UTS whilst he made the most of his opportunities in the forward half. Ash Backlund played a key role a kick behind the football whilst he backed up Jack Rogers in the ruck. Whilst Joshua Lee racked up intercept marks in defence.


Manly Warringah Wolves 7.4.46

Goal kickers: K. Gabila 2, K. McGrath 2, J. Field, A. Jacobs, T. Trevaskis

Best: K. Le Jeune, J. Lugsdin, N. Marsh, M. Dignam, D. Haynes, K. McGrath


UTS Bats 10.11.71

Goal kickers: B. Kanakis 3, X. Barry-Murphy, H. Dyson, P. Gillingham, A. Karatzas, J. Kimpton, J. Lee, M. Sciberras

Best: J. Kimpton, B. Kanakis, X. Barry-Murphy, P. Gillingham, J. Lee, D. McVeety