Women’s Premier Division Match of the Round- Sydney University v UTS AFC

Written by Lucas Holmes


Before the long weekend in round 9, Sydney University was defeated by the East Coast Eagles by 11 points. UTS looked to bounce back following a 34-point loss at the hands of North Shore.


First quarter

As the sun began to set on Sydney University Number 1 Oval, this Premier Division women’s clash got underway with a rather large crowd gathered in the grandstand.

It was the home side that got off to a fast start.

A horrible bounce in the centre square did the UTS midfielders no favours but Sydney University Captain Maryann pounced. She drove a kick into the forward pocket to Stephanie Gillion whose quick handball enabled Amber Laven to measure a centring ball to Lucy Gilfedder inside the goal square.

After three minutes, Sydney University was on the scoreboard.

Sydney University continued to dare with their ball movement and was rewarded with their second goal minutes later. Laven, after she took a mark at centre-half forward swept a handball to Bella Gray who thumped the football home from 40 metres out.

The Bats with their first entry inside their forward 50 had their opening goal after ten minutes of elapsed time.

Julia Georos extracted the ball from a pack of players and sent UTS forward. Imogen Brown managed to keep her feet from the original contest and with a burst of speed ran into an open goal.

Quick goals to Serina Baukes and Jessica Quade made it three consecutive UTS majors before a late Rayanne Kenny goal finished a highly entertaining first term.

Quarter time Sydney University 3.0.18 UTS Bats 3.0.18.


Second quarter

The Bats picked up where they left off early in the second term.

Ruby Harrison smartly delayed her handball. This gave Melissa Adams enough time to take a running shot goal which shaved the left goal post.

But it was Gray (her second) who opened the account.

Another Harley intercept allowed Sydney University to use the far side of the ground. With the football in the hands of Gilfedder on the half-forward flank, her centring ball was met by Gray who floated in from the side of the marking contest.

Gray’s set shot from 35 metres wasn’t an issue as Sydney University retook the lead.

Gray (in her more traditional role across half-back) and Harley took their fair share of intercept marks as the Bats struggled to exit their defensive 50.

UTS almost had a late reply. Millie Hely-Hammond’s running shot on goal was just off-line but was kept in play by Quade. Sydney University’s perceived pressure caused rushed disposal as the football was rushed through for a minor score.

After a frenetic opening quarter, the second term was played between the two forward 50 arcs as both backlines held firm.

Half time Sydney University 4.1.25 UTS Bats 3.2.20.


Third quarter

Sydney University took full advantage with their first forward 50 entry of the third term.

From a free kick on the centre wing, Gillion’s pass found Gray who’d started in the forward line. Her set shot from just inside the 50 fell on the goal line but Gilfedder got a boot to the ball. The margin was ten points

This margin didn’t last long however as Quade’s athleticism was displayed.

Grace Hill intercepted for the Bats between the centre wing and half-forward flank. Her kick dribbled into the forward pocket into the path of Quade. Jessica did remarkably well to firstly keep the ball in, then Brown somehow fashioned a kick whilst getting tackled and dribbled home the Bats’ fourth.

Sydney University hit straight back.

From a free kick in the centre of the ground, Erin Doyle kicked on a 45-degree angle to Harley. Her low kick inside the forward 50 was well handled by Emma Walsh who quickly handballed to Laven just on the outside of the contest. Laven straightened and kicked truly from 25 metres out.

Brown added her third after 13 minutes of elapsed time as the margin was once again inside a goal.

Three quarter time Sydney University 6.2.38 UTS Bats 5.4.34.


Fourth quarter

The ball was camped once again inside Sydney University’s forward 50, with Harley playing as a spare behind the football. But the Bats couldn’t work the football past Gray, who’d pushed up to the attacking side of the centre square.

UTS finally broke Sydney University’s zone defence, although Quade pushed her running shot to the right for a minor score. The margin was three points.

The Bats finally had some time in their forward half as the midway point of the quarter went by with still no goal in the fourth term.

It didn’t stay that way for much longer.

Doyle took an intercept mark on the half-forward flank for Sydney University. Her kick to 30 metres out from goal was swept on by Gelsomino who looped a handball to Walsh.

With a teammate alone in the goal square, Walsh took the responsibility on her shoulders and skipped the football through for a goal. Sydney University led by nine points with five minutes remaining.

UTS didn’t give in, however. From a stoppage in the forward pocket, a pack of players moved the football inside the goal square where Quade kicked her second from close range. With less than two minutes remaining the Sydney University lead was back to three points.

Sydney University flooded numbers around the football and held onto a three-point victory in arguably the match of the Premier Division women’s game of the season.

Full time Sydney University 7.2.44 UTS Bats 6.5.41.


Maryanne Harley was instrumental around the contest and then played loose in defence in the game’s latter stages. Bella Gray was outstanding across half-back whilst she proved effective going forward and Emma Gelsomino’s athleticism was displayed across half-forward.

Imogen Brown was a livewire inside the forward 50 for the Bats. Ruby Harrison racked up disposals around the ground, whilst Melissa Lindsay was rock solid in defence.


Sydney University 7.2.44

Goal kickers: L. Gilfedder 2, B. Gray 2, R. Kenny, A. Laven, E. Walsh

Best: B. Gray, E. Gelsomino, M. Harley, E. Walsh, S. Johnson, R. Kenny


UTS Bats 6.5-41

Goal kickers: I Brown 3, J. Quade 2, S. Baukes

Best: R. Harrison, J. Georos, A. Stramotas, M. Lindsay, J. Quade, I. Brown