AFL Sydney Women’s Rising Star – Round Ten Nominee

Meet our Round Ten Women’s Rising Star nominee, Imogen Brown:

Player Profile

Name: Imogen Brown

AFL Sydney Club: UTS Australian Football Club

Nickname: Immy

Junior AFL Club: Maroubra Saints

Position: Full Forward

Favourite activity to do outside of football: 

Hang out with my friends and go out.

What is one thing that we don’t know about this Rising Star that they are well known for around the club?

I think I can be pretty quiet at first with the girls and my team but once I warm up I can be very loud and funny. I also like to go out and socialise.

What role do they play for the club both on and off the field?

Trying to get goals and work through the forward line and use my speed.

The night before the game what will they most likely be doing?

Going to bed early and eating a good dinner.

I always tie my shoelaces extremely tight and redo them again once more before I go on the field. I also usually have a V energy drink for good luck.

Nomination Details

Reason for nomination this round:

Immy made her prems debut over the weekend and immediately made an impact at the full forward position. She kicked 3 goals, the third goal was a stunner on an angle while under pressure.

Coach quote on Performance:

“Immy is a highly rated junior from Maroubra Saints. She grabbed her opportunity and had a fantastic debut. She stayed dangerous all game in the forward line providing quality leads, competing at every contest that she was involved in and scoring some quality goals along the way. You wouldn’t have thought that Immy was playing her first prems game.”