AFL Sydney Women’s Rising Star – Round Eleven Nominee

Meet our Round Eleven Women’s Rising Star nominee, Daisy George:

Player Profile

Name: Daisy George

AFL Sydney Club: Sydney University

Nickname: Dais

Junior AFL Club: Tamworth didn’t have a Junior side for girls at the time so Daisy played in the Tamworth Swans Women’s team since she was 14


Favourite activity to do outside of football: 

Daisy loves a social life, so going out with friends, eating and going to the beach are the top of her list

What is one thing that we don’t know about this Rising Star that they are well known for around the club?

Daisy is another of the young girls that have joined us this season and she has brought a wave of energy with her. Daisy is well respected as someone that trains and plays to a very high standard. She’s been a bit quiet so we haven’t been able to learn a lot about her, but Daisy says she has a sarcastic sense of humour which I’m sure we’ll hear more of the longer she’s at the club (unless she’s been using it all along…)

What role do they play for the club both on and off the field?

On field Daisy is a defender and as a small she is mainly used for defending ground ball and providing run off half back. Off field she likes to be a part of the cheer squad for the other girls teams, make new mates and talk tactics with Dyso and Mik (her coaches).

The night before the game what will they most likely be doing?

Daisy is at college at USYD so her Fridays change every week, but she is always set and ready for footy Saturday.

Daisy does not have any pre-game superstitions but believes if her hair is braided she plays better due to the aero dynamics.

Nomination Details

Reason for nomination this round:

Daisy came from Tamworth and joined us very late in the pre-season when she started uni. It was immediately noticeable how good her skills were, plus as an 18-year-old she already had played a few years of senior footy back home and was very comfortable with the physicality.

Since being selected in Round 1 Daisy has played all matches that she has been available for in our Prems side and has been one of our best a number of times. Her consistency and team mindedness are impressive for a young player.

Against Inner West Daisy took a number of timely marks, won her one-on-ones and disposed of the ball well. It was a credit to her that although the game did not unfold for her to have more of an influence she was (and has been in all of our matches this season) incredibly reliable in her role.

Coach quote on Performance:

‘Originally an onballer Daisy has joined our defence and found a home as a strong one-on-one competitor and a rebounding Half Back. Daisy has strong hands, a good read of the game and excellent foot skills, making her a natural for the half back position.
Daisy, like so many of the young girls in our squad that have a football background, is a role model of what you want from a young player coming into a program that’s developing a high-performance culture. We could not be happier with the way Daisy has learned and applied herself since she came into the program.’- Jon Dyster, Head Coach