Meet our Round Eight Men’s Rising Star Nominee, Declan Fitzgerald, North Shore Bombers

Player Profile:

Name:  Declan Fitzgerald

Nickname: Decs

AFL Sydney Club: North Shore Bombers

Junior Club:  Willoughby Junior AFL Club/Lane Cove Cats Junior AFL Club

Position: Wing

What is one thing that we don’t know about this Rising Star that they are well known for around the club?

Decs has great versatility to play most roles on the field. As a strong mid-fielder at junior level, Decs has been able to learn and adapt to various positions on the ground to therefore make a strong push for regular premier division selection no matter what the role.

What role do you play for the club(s) both on and off the field? 

Decs is a member of the u19.5 leadership group and has made a huge impact on the field since making his premier division debut earlier this year.

Reason for nomination this round:

In very wet conditions against Wests, Decs was clean with possession, tough in the clinches and put in a solid 4 quarter performance against bigger opponents.

Coach quote on Performance:

“Decs has been a welcome addition to the prems squad over the last month. An avid learner and a player keen to excel at a higher level, Decs has slotted really comfortably in to our team. On the weekend we saw reward for effort in tough conditions with a great game on the wing, working hard to support our backline along with strong connection to the forwards as we surged the ball forward in the wet. We are excited to see Decs ongoing development in 2024” – North Shore Bombers, Men’s Premier Division coach – Ryan Meldrum