Club Umpire Accreditation

If you umpire for a club, below is the process for becoming an accredited club umpire

1. Complete Online PlayHQ Registration

2. Complete Online Theory Component

  • Click on umpiring and select AFL Club Umpire Program
  • Add to cart and follow the steps
  • NB: This must be completed by the first match. Once this is completed, all club umpires need to ensure that they print the Statement of Attainment Certificate and keep a copy – this will also need to be handed in to AFL Sydney. This course is free to complete online and should take less than half an hour.

3. Complete Competency Checklist Practical

  • After completing the On-line Theory Accreditation club umpires will then have to complete the Field Umpire Checklist
  • The umpire needs to be assessed by a Team Official from the opposing club, a League appointed umpire or a League official during an AFL Sydney match

4. Once the Practical Competency and On-Line Theory has been successfully completed, both forms should then be sent to AFL Sydney whereby the umpires accreditation details will be updated on PlayHQ to reflect the successful completion.

Once successful, the accreditation is valid for 3 years.