Women’s Premier Division MOTW: Magpies and Bats battle for redemption

Image courtesy of Leigh Gazzard


Written by Madison La Pira

UTS AFC Bats vs. Inner West Magpies – Picken Oval on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

It was a tough slug at Picken Oval when the UTS AFC Bats met with the Inner West Magpies, but the Magpies eventually found themselves on the winning side, taking home their second win of the season.  

After tough losses for both the Bats and the Magpies in Round 3, the teams were hungry for a win on the weekend. 

The Bats were also looking for their first win this season and were determined to get on the scoreboard from the first bounce. Unfortunately, they were not able to convert their efforts into goals, scoring just two behinds for the quarter.

The Magpies made quick use of the Bat’s mistakes, turning the game to their own advantage, kicking three unanswered goals. Melissa Freckelton opened up the scoring for the Magpies, bagging her only goal for the day in the opening five minutes. 

Teammate, Laura Marshall followed not long after, scoring her first of two. This brings her tally to five goals in her first season for the Magpies.

Kate Lawson was not about to be left behind also scoring for the Magpies and equalling Marshall’s goal count in her own first season with the team. 

Things were not as smooth from there for the Magpies with only Marshall’s second goal to defend them against what looked to be a UTS comeback. 

Marshall’s second seemed to only drive the Bats into action as Deborah Geraghty kicked two goals in a row for her side in only her second game this season. 

However, the Bats were never able to overtake their opponents in the race to the final whistle. With the key performances of Belinda Harrison and Gabrielle Morton, the Magpies were able to grind their way to victory. 

Efforts of UTS players’ Erica Wilcox and Emma Kirby prevented Inner West from scoring any more goals, leaving both teams goalless for the rest of the match. 

Match Results 

Inner West Magpies vs. UTS AFC Bats 

Magpies – 4.3.27 

Bats – 2.5.17 

Magpies Best – B. Harrison, G. Morton, E. Borger, M. Montgomerie, M. Convery, L. Kassem 

Magpies Goals – L. Marshall (2), M. Freckelton, K. Lawson 

Bats Best – D. Geraghty, E. Wilcox, E. Kirby, C. Gunjaca, E. Donnelly, A. Khuu 

Bats Goals – D. Geraghty (2) 

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