Women’s Premier Division MOTW: Power edge past Bats

Image courtesy of Leigh Gazzard.


Written by Madison La Pira

Southern Power vs. UTS AFC Bats – Waratah Oval on Saturday 25 May 

The UTS AFC Bats were hungry for their first win of the season in this Round 7 clash against the Southern Power. 

The last time the teams met in the second round of the Women’s Premier Division, the Bats left their home ground disappointed after Rheanna Lotter booted five goals for Power. 

However, with Lotter out for the rematch, things looked like they might be in the away team’s favour. 

It was a closely fought contest for much of the match at Waratah Oval but it was the home side who managed to pull through victorious, backing up their win from early in the season. 

The teams were neck-and-neck in the first term with only a single point difference between the sides, giving UTS the temporary lead. 

The Power’s Brooke Curren kicked off the scoring for the match, bagging her first of two in the opening minute. 

It took a while for UTS to answer the Power’s goal but in the final minutes of the match, Kate Grabowski was able to place her team on the scoreboard before the whistle blew to mark the end of the quarter. 

Neither team seemed willing to give up an inch in the second term with only a single behind scored to put the teams tied going into the second half of the match. 

The third term saw the Power edge slightly ahead of the Bats, managing to create a three goal lead while keeping the Bats’ scoring completely at bay. 

Katelyn Fairley kicked off her goal-scoring campaign this quarter, snatching her first two of the season back to back. 

Curren backed up her goal from the first quarter, scoring her second right at the end of this important term for the home side. 

The fourth term saw the Power kept goalless, yet Leanne Behan’s goal for the Bats was not quite enough to gain the lead.

Alexa Cardassilaris’s impact on the match saved the Power on many important instances and helped her take home best on ground for her team. 

Michelle Podnecky and Amy Kowski also had strong matches for the Power.

For the second week in the row, Carol Breen’s tackling and vision helped keep her opponent’s under control and earned her best on ground for the Bats.  

Michelle and Katrina Daly also looked strong for the Bats, as did Una Mckay. 

Next round will see a tough match for Power as they take on the Inner West Magpies whom they are tied with for wins on the ladder.

Match Results

Southern Power vs. UTS AFC Bats 

Power – 4.3.27 

Bats – 2.4.16 

Power Best – A. Cardassilaris, M. Podnecky, K. Fairley, A. Kowski, V. Rita, N. Smith 

Power Goals – B. Curren (2), K. Fairley (2) 

Bats Best – C. Breen, M. Daly, U. McKay, K. Daly, S. Goldrick, C. Whiye 

Bats Goals – K. Grabowski, L. Behan 

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