Pocket Profile- John McNeil (Player, Southern Dingoes Masters AFC)

Get to know Southern Dingoes Masters Player, John McNeil!

Name: John McNeil
Nickname: Macca
AFL Sydney Club: Southern Dingoes
Junior Club: Morningside AFC
Position/s: Rover
Playing Number: 41
Usual Grade: Masters
First season of AFL Sydney footy: 2020
Why did you start playing footy?
Born into the game in South Australia
What is your most memorable AFL Sydney moment?
Winning Back to Back Covid Cup Masters Premierships with the Southern Dingoes. Can we have our Premiership Cups now please?
What is the best part about playing at your current club?
Most supportive, caring and inclusive male environment I’ve ever been a part of. If there were more groups like the Dingoes there would be a lot less male mental health problems in society.
Do you have any pre-game superstitions or routines?
A can of red bull
What is the best advice you have received as a player and from who?
“Put your *expletive* head over it. If you can’t put your head over it, get off the field.”
Who has the best kick at the club?
When he’s not lying on the massage table, Daniel Marsh has a lovely foot on him. Lawsy a great field kick too just has the yips in front of goal. But really, myself aside, Kingo (Craig Kingston) has that pinpoint left foot, it’s beautiful to watch and even better to be on the end of.
What is one AFL rule you would change and why?
Hard to choose the worst rule, but Holding the Ball has become a joke. Start rewarding the tackle
What are you missing most about footy during lockdown?
Wednesday nights away from witching hour, running around a field kicking the footy like we’re 15 again.
Interests outside of football?
Punters Club with the Dingoes lads. Running around after 4 little boys at home and coaching their sport.
Which teammate is most likely to:
Turn up late Matt Nicholls. Though come to think of it he rarely turns up at all.
Be on the massage table Daniel Marsh. Hands down. Not sure he’s trained for more than 20mins in two years. Brings his own table…
Forget their boots Daniel Marsh. Even though he has 60 pairs.
Suck up to the coach Rodney Davis. Anything to get votes.
Appear on the next season of Australian Survivor Tim Laws. He’d love watching himself on TV.
Who is your tip to win the 2021 AFL Premiership & Brownlow Medal?
With Josh Bruce going down, it’s the Demons to lose, but if anyone can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it’s that club. Anyone but Geelong.
Who would you like to see as the Pre-Game entertainment for the 2021 AFL Grand Final?
Just a video of Geelong players (or just Dangerfield) watching the game from their lounge rooms. That would be entertainment enough for everyone.
What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
I’d build a new Dingo Den at Gwawley Park with a Bar and a Gym. Then increase training to 5 nights a week.
First place you want to visit after travel restrictions lift?
Jervis Bay
What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
I’d buy a few more mirrors for my home gym, and try to buy the Bombers a finals win, then a premiership
What is the one superpower you wish you had and why?
Read Minds. I’d like to know what goes through Big D’s head before he kicks the ball into the post from the goal square.
Apple Music or Spotify?
Spotify. Apple too late to the party.
Pineapple on Pizza. Yes/ No?
Absolutely. What’s better than a quality Ham & Pineapple pizza. What would Italians know about pizza anyway.
Usual coffee order?
Long Mac
What is this player known for at your club?
Missing the easiest of shots at Goal after going 14-0 the year before. Commonly referred to as “The 1”. Often blames his ‘new’ boots yet he only has 1 pair.

Also known as “Crime” as he throws tips about left, right and centre that never pay

Any additional comments about the player
Similar traits to the up and coming Bombers star Brayden Ham. All round good guy depending on which one of his teams win on the weekend. Tough when the Bombers play GWS, then he just hopes for the draw
How can people get involved with playing at your club?
If our wives ask, we train 3-4 times a week at the mighty Gwawley oval on Taren Point road from 6:30pm. If old dad bods of the Shire want to actually train, we ‘run’ around the ovals on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm. Now the season has stopped, hopefully by Feb 2nd when Preseason starts, we will be out of lockdown!

We recommend, even if you are not in our area, that you get involved with Masters AFL. Not only the clubs that play comp footy, but for the guys (35+) that want to have a VERY relaxed game of footy, Masters clubs are located around Sydney through AFL Masters NSW. There is also the Sydney Masters that play at Rosedale, and they concentrate on over 55’s games. Contact our club and we can steer you in the right direction. Masters footy is a GREAT way to stay involved in the sport, and to show off to your family!


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