Meet our Round Four Women’s Rising Star Nominee, Emily Cleghorn, North Shore Bombers

Player Profile

Name: Emily Cleghorn

Nickname: Foghorn, Cleggy

AFL Sydney Club: North Shore Bombers

Position: Midfield/ Forward

What is one thing that we don’t know about this Rising Star that they are well known for around the club?

Emily is extremely humble and gracious. She is a team mate that will back you up in any situation but when you try to give her the accolades she smiles, says thank you and talks about something amazing about someone else. In her second year of AFL she is making a name for herself as a big friendly giant. Ruthless on the footy field but a smiling sunshine off the field.

What role do they play for the club both on and off the field?

Emily is one of the most supportive players at our club. She is always the first to welcome in new players and support all our current members. The smile she has on her face when she sees her teammates succeeding is why so many of them are inspired by her. She is a driving link between all our groups of players and brings the squad together.

Nomination Details

Reason for nomination this round:

Certainly not out of place, In only her 3rd game at premier division level, Em is making a name for herself as a contested ball weapon, giving all she has to win the ball and pressure the opposition to put her team on the front foot! In yet again another best on ground performance, Emily was an integral part of the teams midfield in a tough in and under contest against UNSW.

Coach quote on Performance:

Em is a true pleasure to coach and plays a vital role in our midfield with her toughness and willingness to put her body on the line for the team! Going down 2 midfield rotations early on in the game, Em played out the whole game without a rotation. Her pressure at the stoppage was key to the teams performance this week, winning several clearances and laying countless tackles to thwart the bulldogs ball movement.