Meet our Round Five Men’s Rising Star Nominee, Khy Gibbs, South West Sydney Blues

Player Profile

Name: Khy Gibbs

Nickname: Slim Shady

AFL Sydney Club: South West Sydney Blues

Position: Mid

Junior Club: South West Sydney Juniors

What is one thing that we don’t know about this Rising Star that they are well known for around the club?

Recently dyed his hair blonde to look like Slim Shady.

What role do they play for the club both on and off the field?

Khy is a part of the young group coming through the South West Sydney club. At both training and game day he brings a willingness to improve his game and is not afraid to make mistakes. His ability to read the ball and take contested marks has been an asset to the South West Sydney Blues over the past 3 years.

Nomination Details

Reason for nomination this round:

Best on Ground while kicking 4 goals in a dominate win.

Coach quote on Performance:

“He was mercurial, provided energy and enthusiasm around the ground and maturity beyond his years with the use of the football. Together with his work rate off the ball he was the South West Sydney best player for the second week running.” – Men’s Premier Division Coach; Paul Markou.