Meet our Round Eleven Women’s Rising Star Nominee, Emma Haley, UNSW-ES Bulldogs

Player Profile:

Name:  Emma Haley

Nickname: Em

AFL Sydney Club: UNSW-ES Bulldogs

Junior Club: Maroubra Saints

Position: Midfielder/Wing

What is one thing that we don’t know about this Rising Star that they are well known for around the club?

Coming to Aussie Rules only two years ago, she has excelled taking the game with great ease.

What role do you play for the club(s) both on and off the field? 

Em is a young midfielder who always brings her speed and energy to game days and training.

Reason for nomination this round:

In a team that was well beaten, Em fought hard all day. Continuing to create opportunities for her side with her dash and great ball use.

Coach quote on Performance:

Em has been a great acquisition for us this season, she’s only small in stature but her courage at contest and willingness to take the game on is incredible. She picked up a lot of the ball and used it well, which is a testament to her and the Maroubra Saints for their development.” – UNSW-ES Bulldogs Women’s Premier Division Coach, Tom Williamson