Pocket Profile – Laura Stockwell (Player, Pennant Hills Demons)

Get to know Pennant Hills Demons Women’s Division One Player, Laura Stockwell!

Name: Laura Stockwell
Nickname: Stocky
AFL Sydney Club: Pennant Hills Demons
Junior Club: None! I played Netball and swam competitively
Position/s: Half forward, Wing
Playing Number: 10
Usual Grade: Division 1
First season of AFL Sydney footy: 2017
Why did you start playing footy?
Two of my friends from high school told me I should come play in the second season of having a women’s team at Penno. I went to the first training, but my friends didn’t, they decided to play basketball that season instead. But I stayed and trained and loved it! So I kept going back! Those friends now play for Penno too.
What is your most memorable AFL Sydney moment?
Being announced as co-captain for my team this year was so special. It was such a humbling moment because I really love my team and club. I have loved having this opportunity to try and be a positive and motivating figure for the girls.
What is the best part about playing at your current club?
The people! At Penno it has always been “club, team, self.” It is such a welcoming community and there is a place for everyone.
Do you have any pre-game superstitions or routines?
Birks and socks.
What is the best advice you have received as a player and from who?
I don’t remember who told me this advice, it was one of the coaches! I asked for advice because I can get really nervous before games and it affects my performance. He told me to be confident in myself and my abilities. Believe that you are better than your player and you will be. Within reason. Obviously I can’t just “believe” I am going to beat Dusty Martin to the ball.
Who has the best kick at the club?
Laura Donohue
What is one AFL rule you would change and why?
The 15m running rule because running is my best skill and bouncing the ball is my worst.
What are you missing most about footy during lockdown?
The way we all motivate each other. It is tough to find that motivation to work out without your team. We have been really encouraging each other with challenges during lockdown. Also Club Thursday dinners.
Interests outside of football?
I love keeping active, I love running and swimming! I love being at the beach. I’m also studying to be a nurse.
Which teammate is most likely to:
Turn up late Me
Be on the massage table Lydia Dahlen
Forget their boots Sammy Oysten
Suck up to the coach Bela Mcallister
Appear on the next season of Australian Survivor Tamika Sutton
Who is your tip to win the 2021 AFL Premiership & Brownlow Medal?
Sydney obviously.
Who would you like to see as the Pre-Game entertainment for the 2021 AFL Grand Final?
Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline to bring home the swanieeesss.
What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
A mansion by the beach.
First place you want to visit after travel restrictions lift?
Victoria to see family!
What is the one superpower you wish you had and why?
It sounds so creepy, but reading minds. I’m so nosy.
Apple Music or Spotify?
Spotify, with ads because I’m a broke student.
Pineapple on Pizza. Yes/ No?
Never EVER.
Usual coffee order?
Almond cap, every day.
What is this player know for at your club?
Laura is a dynamic midfielder with an infectious, positive personality both on and off the field. Laura helps in every way possible around the club, from jumping in behind the canteen or bar to help, or putting her hand up to be ground manager or goal umpire.
Any additional comments about the player
Laura commenced her AFL career after moving to Melbourne to be with her partner Zac Elliot. After shivering through a Melbourne winter Laura and Zac made the move to Sydney and are both integral parts of the Penno club and Penno community.
How can people get involved with playing at your club?
With 11 teams (5 Men’s, 4 Women’s, 1 team in the U19’s and a team in the Master’s division), Pennant Hills Demons are focused on ensuring we provide a welcoming club for players of all standards. The club motto is ‘Every Heart Beats True’ and at Penno those who have experienced our club culture certainly know that to be a valid motto. Get in touch with us via email (info@phafl.com.au) or through our socials on Facebook (@PennoAFL) and Instagram (@pennanthillsafl) to get involved!


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