Meet our Round Seven Women’s Rising Star Nominee, Lauren O’Sullivan, Parramatta Goannas

Player Profile:

Name:  Lauren O’Sullivan

Nickname: “Tipp” (my surname has Irish heritage and was first documented in the county of Tipperary)

AFL Sydney Club: Parramatta Goanna’s AFC

Junior Club:  Wollondilly Redbacks

Position: Half Forward

Favourite activity to do outside of football: 

Going to the beach

What role do you play for the club(s) both on and off the field? 

I try to be the best teammate I can, especially as I am still learning the playing group!

The night before the game what will you most likely be doing? 

Reviewing previous games, drinking lots of water, having a high protein meal, getting a good nights sleep

Do you have any pre-game superstitions?

Listen to music to get into the zone, tape my left wrist because it is connected to my heart (what I say is from my heart ) and I write the following on the tape; “Dream it!” “Think it!” “Achieve it!” “Have fun!” “And win!”

Reason for nomination this round:

Lauren has joined the club this year, normally a gentle and quiet 16-year-old, she unleashed her talents as a key forward against Manly on Saturday. During the second quarter she approached a pack that was setting up to contest a high ball, with a single leap she broke the pack, making what can only be a ‘mark of the year’ contender. It was brilliant and not something you would see every day, a 16yo, playing Women’s Open footy, making a brilliant mark in what is only her 3rd Women’s Premier Division game. What makes this even more incredible is that Lauren has featured in the team’s top six, in all three of her games, showing that this remarkable mark in not a once off, but a true demonstration of her Rising Star qualities.

Coach quote on Performance:

“Lauren has come into the team and made an immediate impact. At only 16 years old she has shown not only our team but the competition that she is one of the best highflyers in the league. Her ability to crash the packs has made a massive impact on our team and her ability at ground level is equally as damaging.

Lauren has a very bright future at the Goanna’s and beyond..” – Women’s Premier Division, Joel Upfill