Women’s Premier Division Match of the Round Review – Manly Warringah Wolves v UTS AFC

Written by Lucas Holmes


The Wolves defeated UNSW-ES Bulldogs by 44 points in round 4. Whilst the Bats won a tight contest over the Pennant Hills Demons by 9 points.


First quarter

After UTS survived some early pressure for Manly Warringah, they made the Wolves pay at the other end. Kaitlin McCaffery pushed a running shot across the face of the goal after a wide handball from Aleshea Houlahan. But the Bats had the first major soon after.

Gabriella Stanwix took an intercept mark just outside the forward 50 following the kick out and was awarded a 50-metre free-kick due to encroachment on the mark. Stanwix kicked the goal from just inside the goal square.

The ball almost exclusively lived in the Bats’ forward half during the middle part of the quarter, but UTS added minor scores to their total.

The Wolves had a chance inside their forward half later in the term. However, the Bats’ intercept marking started to impact the game.

Quarter time Manly Warringah Wolves 0.0.0 UTS Bats 1.3.9.


Second quarter

Manly Warringah had a chance early in the second term through their Captain Holly Graham.

A secondary ball up in the centre square was cleared by Emily Goodsir who found Graham and marked well inside the forward 50. Graham’s kick started on line but faded right as the Wolves had their first point of the afternoon.

Both sides struggled to get clean possessions as the pressure on the inside of the contest was immense.

Graham made no mistake from her second attempt at goal.

Andrea Roditis won a free kick for a push just inside the forward 50. Graham took a strong contested mark and kicked the Wolves’ first major from 25 metres out, directly in front.

Manly Warringah took the lead for the first time through Jacqueline Green as the 12-minute mark approached.

From a ball up just inside the forward 50, Wolves ruck Lauren Bourgeois’ tap found Green in full stride who managed to sneak the ball just inside the right goalpost whilst running towards the boundary.

The Wolves’ attack started to click whilst the defence kept the Bats to only one behind in the second term.

Half time Manly Warringah Wolves 2.1.13 UTS Bats 1.4.10.


Third quarter

UTS had had a couple of repeated entries inside their forward 50 to begin the third term. However, Wolves defender Asha Turner-Funk continued to impress as she denied a clear shot on goal.

Yet another 50-metre free-kick led to the opening goal with six minutes of elapsed time.

After she took a strong mark, Houlahan kicked to 30 metres out from goal. Ruby Reid came in from the side of the contest to take a mark on her chest and the free-kick was given as a Wolves player ran through the mark and the Bats re-took the lead.

Manly had the chance to respond soon after Goodsir was the recipient of a free kick 25 metres out directly in front. Goodsir handballed off to Hannah Woolf who sliced her shot on goal. The Bats’ lead was reduced to five points.

UTS had the last say in the third term.

From the original contest on the far centre wing, Ruby Harrison couldn’t take full possession but kept the football in front of herself on the half-forward flank. Julia Georos finally got a kick away but was smothered by Goodsir, but right into the waiting arms of McCaffery who converted on the run from 30 metres out.

From a ball up just inside the forward 50, Wolves ruck Lauren Bourgeois’ tap found Green in full stride who managed to sneak the ball just inside the right goalpost whilst running towards the boundary.

Three quarter time Manly Warringah Wolves 2.2.14 UTS Bats 3.7.25.


Fourth quarter

The Bats picked up where they left off in the opening minutes of the fourth term.

From a ball up on the centre wing, Grace Hill followed up her tap work and fed Samantha Goldrick who sent the Bats inside the forward 50. McCaffery bought the ball to the ground in the contest then her short handball was met by Melissa Adams. Adams stepped around a Wolves defender and kicked off a step from 20 metres.

Manly Warringah almost replied straight back though Kaitlyn Manning, but her thumping kick was slightly off line and registered a minor score.

The Wolves didn’t let up the pressure as they continued to keep the ball inside their forward 50. Although Bats defender Serina Baukes was up to the task as she took two intercept marks in less than a minute.

As the fourth term continued the game started to open for both sides (in contrast to the tight, physical nature earlier in the match).

This being the case, neither side was able to add to their goal tally as each team’s defence continued to play an important role.

Full time Manly Warringah 2.5.17 UTS Bats 4.8.32.


Andrea Roditis was arguably the best player on the ground as her agility in tight, congested areas was crucial for the Wolves. Asha Turner-Funk was important as she rebounded off the backline. Whilst Lauren Bourgeois’ battle in the ruck with Grace Hill was a highlight.

For UTS, Kaitlin McCaffery impacted the game from the outset at stoppages and then moved further forward as the game wore on. Both Gabriella Stanwix and Serina Baukes raffled intercept marks between them. Whilst Melissa Lindsay gave the Bats drive off half-back.


Manly Warringah Wolves 2.5.17

Goal kickers: H. Graham, J. Green

Best: A. Turner-Funk, C. Johnson, L. Bourgeois, E. Goodsir, J. Green, A. Roditis


UTS Bats 4.8.32

Goal kickers: K. McCaffery, G. Stanwix, R. Reid, M. Adams

Best: R. Reid, G. Hill, K. McCaffery, G. Stanwix, J. Georos, G. Blair