Men’s Premier Division Match of the Round – Sydney University v UTS AFC

Written by Lucas Holmes


Sydney University defeated the East Coast Eagles by 121 points in round 9. Whilst UTS were defeated by North Shore by 59 points.


First quarter

Sydney University peppered its attacking goal in the early stages of this contest. If not for a chase-down tackle from Harry Hayward they would’ve broken through.

After two minor scores, Sydney University had its first major after four minutes of elapsed time. The Bats looked to switch the ball deep in defence. Hayden Wallis got a terrible bounce, but Sam Gilfedder was there to pick up the pieces and he dribbled the ball home.

Patrick Gillingham and David Smith both had long set shots for the Bats, with Davis’ pushed over for a minor score.

Harry Whitaker kicked Sydney University’s second goal as his long set shot snuck just inside the right goal post.

Izaac Hughes made it three goals in ten minutes of play after he converted a set shot in almost identical fashion to Whitaker.

Sydney University ran out the remainder of the first term as they kicked a further three goals.

It was worrying signs for UTS, Sam Bennett and Jack Dimery did most of the damage in the first term.

Quarter time Sydney University 6.2.38 UTS Bats 0.3.3.


Second quarter

Sydney University had an early chance once again early in the second term.

Louis Wilson won a free kick in the forward pocket due to his teammates’ forward pressure. However, the snap across his body was pulled for a minor score.

The Bats had an opportunity through the attacking side of the centre square, although they over-possessed the football. The Sydney University defence swept the ball away.

UTS had a two-minute period (as the ten-minute mark approached) with the football in their forward half.

Kyle Emley provided the springboard of half-back whilst Joshua Lee was having an impact. The passage of play concluded with a set shot by Gillingham which was pulled to the left for a minor score.

After 11 minutes, the first goal of the quarter was kicked.

Hughes was unselfish as he centred the ball from the forward pocket at the last minute. Despite the awkward delivery, Vicic composed himself and kicked across his body for his second. The Sydney University lead was extended to seven goals.

Nathan Tang was the beneficiary of more unselfish play in the forward half as he snapped across his body from close range.

As the quarter approached the 20-minute mark, the Bats made a tactical change. Emley was moved onto Bennett to quell his impact around stoppages.

Whittaker kicked his second, an unbelievable set shot from hard against the boundary line to ice a dominant first-half display.

Half time Sydney University 9.5.59 UTS Bats 0.5.5.


Third quarter

Vicic added his third from a short set shot inside the first minute for Sydney University.

Bennett almost added his second goal, although his shot on the run was touched off the boot.

Sydney University continued to pepper the Bats’ goal but to UTS’ credit they kept them to minor scores.

This was until Austin Lucy was able to break through after six minutes.

Lucy kept his feet behind the contest after the football was sent to centre half-forward. He dribbled the ball through for the eleventh goal.

The Bats had another period where the football was held in their forward half, but they struggled with the last kick inside the forward 50. Sydney University didn’t allow repeat entries either as they smartly elected to run and carry out of defence.

Nick Foster kicked a thumping set shot before Hughes attempted to one-up Whitaker from earlier in the afternoon with an unbelievable check side from the boundary.

Sydney University added one more major in the third term. The margin was 87 points at three quarter time.

Three quarter time Sydney University 14.10.94 UTS Bats 0.7.7.


Fourth quarter

Smith was moved into defence for the Bats early in the fourth term as they looked to switch the football to negate Sydney University’s forward pressure.

As a result, UTS had their hands on the football for a sustained period. This led to another set shot for Gillingham, who pushed it across the face of the goal from 45 metres.

Evan Karatzas had an opportunity with yet another set shot of length. On this occasion, the ball was touched on the goal line for a minor score.

After UTS had all the football inside their forward 50, Sydney University made them pay at the other end. Hughes took an athletic mark 45 metres out from goal. Hughes converted the set shot (his third) as the margin was extended to 90 points.

The mercurial Hughes added yet another check side from the boundary before his long kick was marked by Wilson just outside of the goal square.

Hughes added his fifth from a regulation set shot as Sydney University’s solid run of form continued.

Full time Sydney University 18.10 118 UTS Bats 0.10.10.


Jack Dimery was outstanding around the ground for the home side. Louis Wilson was crafty around the contest whilst Sam Bennett (particularly in the first half) had a huge impact at stoppages.

Jack Calabro played an important role deep in defence for UTS. Joshua Lee was arguably the Bats’ best, whilst Kyle Emley impressed with his disposal out of the back half.


Sydney University 18.10.118

Goal kickers: I. Hughes 5, M. Vicic 3, H. Whitaker 2, S. Gilfedder 2, S. Bennett, R. Fitzroy, N. Foster, A. Lucy, N. Tang, L. Wilson

Best: J. Dimery, P. Spurling, O. Davis, I. Hughes, N. Foster, B. Chudleigh


UTS Bats 0.10.10

Goal kickers: N/A

Best: J. Calabro, J. Lee, H. Hayward, J. Kimpton, Z. Bowles, K. Emley